Biodiversity Bill long overdue and much-needed: Greens

The Greens congratulate Minister Jacob for a new act for biodiversity and conservation on the precipice of what is shaping up to be one of Western Australia’s most fierce environmental campaigns to save the Beeliar wetlands.

"A Bill to replace WA’s outdated Wildlife Conservation Act is a welcome step although given the time lag since the draft legislation was first proposed it will warrant careful public scrutiny,” Greens Biodiversity Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“It has been 14 years since the former Labor Government came to power promising an overhaul of WA wildlife conservation laws and we have had successive Labor and Liberal governments since then promise to introduce new biodiversity legislation without managing to do so,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Minister therefore deserves congratulations for getting this Bill this far.

“More incentives to protect and conserve the environment are welcome as are increased penalties as deterrents for offences against wildlife but unlike the Federal EPBC Act, this Bill stops short of jail terms, which means some offenders may be prepared to take the risk. Read more »

Police ‘show of force’ at Beeliar Wetlands fuelled protest

Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC says the heavy police force this morning to Beeliar Wetlands was a leading cause of, rather than a response to, a spontaneous public protest today at Bibra Lake against Roe 8. 

“In question time this afternoon, the Police Minister revealed that 37 police officers, along with police horses and multiple police vehicles, attended at Bibra Lake today,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“Farcically, the Barnett Government is now trying to pretend that these officers were sent there in response to an anti-Roe 8 protest yet the great irony is that the heavy police presence at Bibra Lake preceded the arrival of protestors. 

“In fact, it was only as a result of locals noticing the police in great numbers early this morning that a protest evolved later on.  Read more »

Over-kill police presence at Beeliar Wetlands of no public benefit

Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC has questioned the public benefit achieved of dozens of police officers being sent to Bibra Lake near Adventure World today. 

“If numerous police officers, horses and vehicles are going to be sent to the Beeliar Wetlands every time Main Roads has surveyors in the area, Roe 8 is going to be an even more expensive lemon of a project than we already thought,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“The police assembled there, despite no protest being underway or planned.   

“If this is how the Government intends proceed, I suggest it needs to start calculating realistically for the cost and amount of police resources it is willing to divert from investigating and preventing crime to pre-emptive type anti-protest action on Roe 8.  Read more »

Minister Disregards GM-Free farmers and Organic Growers to benefit the likes of Monsanto and Syngenta


Greens Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC says a repeal of the GM Free Crops Areas Act is being rushed through Parliament before proper protections are put in place for non-GMO and organic farmers.


“Before any further relaxation of the rules on growing GM in Western Australia, the Greens have called on the Barnett Government to introduce a Farmer Protection Act, with a small levy on all GM seed sales to be paid into a fund out of which to compensate any landholders who suffer economic loss from GM contamination. The GM industry would thus pay for any harm done by GM organisms,” Ms MacLaren said.

Read more »

Principal receives a ‘fail’ in education and Christian values

I am shocked by WA Today’s article where a Principal has told a parent of the local Mandurah schoolgirl, that his daughter is not welcome at school because he is gay, Greens spokesperson for sexuality and gender identity Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

"This story is clearly upsetting for many people," Ms MacLaren said.

"Christians can be gay and gay people can be Christian. The actions of this Principal, if this report is accurate, are bigoted and judgemental.

“It is galling to me that state and federal funds are being used to prop up this school, where such prejudice and discrimination is being displayed.

“These parents may choose to send their child to another school that would provide better support and education for their daughter, but I worry about all of the other children at the school. Read more »

Perth Freight Link tenderers join unpopularity contest

 Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC has warned successful tenderers for the  Perth Freight Link that they have signed up for a battle with the community from which they stand to  lose.

 “It seemed likely the Leighton Holdings-led consortium would be awarded this tender, ever since  Leighton Holdings’ 2012 position paper on the next 12 roads it wanted to build in Australia, including  Perth Freight Link, was seemingly adopted by the Liberals as party policy,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Certainly there are no other reasons for funnelling scarce infrastructure funds into this project. Read more »