Tackling root causes critical to reducing youth homelessness - Greens

Greater investment in early intervention programs will reduce the risk of young people becoming homeless in the first place, Greens WA Housing spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“The report released today by Swinburne University reinforces what the Greens and the community sector have been saying all along – we need early intervention programs and better family violence services,” Ms MacLaren said.

"While responsibility for addressing homelessness is shared by both Federal and State Governments, the Barnett Governmentr is guilty of making short term savings that will cost us all in the long run.


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Riding on pavement no answer to shortage of bike paths

Bike riders who opt to ride on footpaths under a relaxing of the rules by the Barnett Government must take extreme care around vulnerable pedestrians, Greens Transport Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“Bikeriders should be able to occasionally use the footpath because our roads are still largely configured with just cars in mind – however it is not an ideal situation and what we urgently need are more cycle lanes and paths,” Ms MacLaren said.

“As an RAC survey last month showed, a justified fear of traffic is inhibiting many people from using bikes.


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Latest Perth Freight Link proposal ignores the elephant in the room

“The latest proposal to tunnel under White Gum Valley is as nonsensical as ploughing the Roe 8 freeway through the wetlands and ignores the elephant in the room, the pinch point across the river to North Fremantle, Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren has said.

“Once again the Barnett Government is making claims that don't stack up instead of doing its homework properly.

“A new port is needed. That's where any new funding should be invested. Read more »

Shark study confirms pointlessness of drum lines

A Fisheries Department study into white shark movements off the WA coast confirms that the Government’s 2014 drumline trial did nothing for the safety of ocean users, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says. 

“These results confirm what shark scientists were trying to tell the Government two years ago: individual white sharks don’t habituate certain areas off the WA coast or visit one spot each season, meaning that killing a white shark off one beach is not going to make sharks less prevalent in that location,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“It also confirms that in January to April, which are the most popular swimming months in Perth, white sharks are no more likely to come near the metro coastline – in other words, the Premier’s comments in 2014 about having to act to stop swimmers being killed was pure hysteria.  Read more »

Greens applaud Minister's support for bike safe passing distances

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has applauded the Road Safety Minister's suggestion today that the Barnett Government 'is strongly considering' introducing safe passing distance rules for cars approaching bikes, after the Government in 2014 refused to back the Greens’ Bill for the same thing.

“While independent analysis of Queensland’s two-year trial of similar legislation is yet to come in, the response to the law among Queenslanders has been very positive, even among people who initially had reservations,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Queensland RAC today called for that State to continue with the laws as a permanent measure and this I think has pushed WA’s Road Safety Minister to accept that these are sensible measures that do not create hardship for motorists and do improve safety. Read more »

The removal of children from homes should not be taken lightly

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has called for ‘cool heads’ in response to Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan’s comments that more children should be taken into care.

 “Talking about removing children from homes without addressing the context can serve to further perpetuate problems. The removal of children from homes should be considered only as part of a broader community wide approach.

 “While foster care undoubtedly provides a lifeline for some kids, the decision to take children into care should not be taken lightly. Read more »