Ban Greyhound Racing in WA

Lynn and the Greens believe that humans have a responsibility to minimise any suffering of animals caused by human activities, and to maximise their quality of life. Greyhound racing is a sport that is completely at odds with this belief.

Lynn is calling on the State Government to ban greyhound racing in WA following the decision of the NSW premier to ban the industry there in response to a Special Commission of Inquiry report. The inquiry uncovered the ghastly truth about greyhound racing: mass ‘wastage’ (a polite term for the euthanasia of tens of thousands of greyhounds), horrific track injuries resulting in euthanasia and other cruel practices were found to be systemic. The ACT premier was quick to follow the lead of NSW and are also banning greyhound racing.

In WA while some details are shrouded in secrecy the Minister for Racing and Gaming has admitted that at least 800 dogs were euthanised in the past two years. We must act now.

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End this cruel practice