Make Schools Safer

As the Greens WA spokesperson on sexuality, Lynn is aware of the dangerous effects of homophobic bullying on young people, and says that it is clear that educators must take responsibility for providing a school community in which all students have a safe environment to learn in every day.

This issue is important to Lynn, who has been actively liasing with stakeholder groups like the recently launched Safe School Coalition Program WA.

Lynn is concerned by recent research, from the third national study Writing Themselves in National Report revealed that of same-sex attracted and gender questioning young people aged between 14 -21:

  • 61% reported experiencing verbal abuse beacuse of homophobia
  • 18% reported physical abuse because of homophobia
  • 80% of those who reported abuse named school as the most likely place where it occured
  • 69% reported other forms of homophobia including exclusion, cyber-bullying and rumours. 

All forms of bullying can have a severe impact on a young person's well-being, both mental and physical, and have long-lasting effects ranging from poor educational skills through interrupted schooling, to risk-taking, depression or self-harm.

This is the reason why Lynn is so supportive of the Safe School Program. Schools can make a difference by having a practical, effective plan in place to provide reinforcement of anti-bullying measures including individual or group support where needed.


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