The Perth Freight Link

The Greens strongly support the community campaign to Rethink the Perth Freight Link project. Lynn has repeatedly called for the immediate suspension of the project due to the marked failure of the State Government’s planning process to represent its people, to respect due process and to protect heritage and environment.

The Perth Freight Link proposal is a product of inadequate, short term planning, poor economics and a lack of transparency.

When Lynn tabled a petition with 1,423 signatures in the Legislative Council in 2015, calling for the suspension of the project, she described the Freight Link proposal as the sloppiest example of infrastructure planning in WA history.

The cost to State taxpayers of this project has blown out from the original $250 million proposed.

Now it seems the State government will be paying around $900 million because they have been forced to admit that a new bridge would be needed over the Swan River.

The Greens and the community continue to build support and create momentum for an alternative positive outcome to preserve the environment and amenity of the Fremantle area and the North and Bibra Lakes, while improving the efficiency of freight transport.

Suburban truck movements increase year after year, yet residents south of the river know that boosting rail freight is the only long term solution.

Lynn has been vocal in Parliament asking literally dozens of questions about the Freight Link. All of Lynn’s questions are here:

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