Marriage Equality

Lynn MacLaren has been a strong and passionate advocate for marriage equality for many years, and in 2013 Lynn introduced her Same-Sex Marriage Bill to the West Australian Parliament.

Lynn’s Bill will allow the authorisation of celebrants and the registration of same-sex marriages via an amendment to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1998. It also provides for the dissolution and annulment of same-sex marriages, and for related financial matters via amendments to the Family Court Act 1997. 

In 2013 a Same-Sex Marriage Bill in the ACT Legislature was overturned by the High Court, however that decision also made it clear that the Commonwealth could deliver marriage equality in law. As the recent referendum in Ireland and the US Supreme Court decision allowing marriage equality shows, the time has certainly come for marriage equality around the world and here in Australia.

At rallies in Perth and around the country, thousands of supporters have turned out to display their support for marriage equality. It is clear to see that the current Federal Government is out of touch.

Lynn is committed to working together with her Greens colleagues to end discrimination and deliver marriage equality across the nation.

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