2015-11-26 Building Commission report


I refer to the Building Commission report entitled Instant Start: Outline for consultation, which states that Instant Start aims to "alleviate any processing delay in local government for single residential housing building approvals" which implies that delays in the processing of single residential housing building approvals is occuring:
(a) can the Building Commission please provide the data to support the above statement; and
(b) can the Minister provide details for how the Building Industry will benefit from gaining the extra 10 days within their 12 to 18 months building construction process?


Answered on 25 February 2016

(a)-(b) The Instant Start initiative is confined to single residential housing. It was designed to allow registered builders, if they choose, to start construction upon the lodgement of a permit application, certified by a registered surveyor, while the application was processed by the permit authority. This will give registered builders and consumers greater certainty about starting dates. For builders specifically, this will also enable improved scheduling of their construction process, particularly in relation to tradespeople and subcontractors and the ordering of building materials.

During the Building Summit held on 2 February 2016, which brought together all building industry stakeholders, priority next steps for reducing red tape were identified.  The implementation of Instant Start will be considered in the context of further development of R-Codes and consistency in interpretation.