"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food" - American chef Paul Prudhomme

All people should have physical and economic access to enough nutritious, culturally appropriate, safe food to allow them to lead healthy and active lives.

With global warming, droughts and the inevitable rise in the cost of all fuels, food is becoming more expensive in Western Australia.

The Greens (WA) believe that prime agricultural land should be protected to ensure food security and that food production should be as sustainable as possible.

Labelling of food products should be truthful and comprehensive so that consumers have enough information to enable them to make informed choices about food purchases.

It is also important for responsible marketing of food, including the phase out of junk food advertising on children's TV programs and other children's media such as video games and children's internet sites.

Lynn and the Greens will support legislation and actions that:

  •     make advice about how to cultivate home vegetable gardens freely available to the public
  •     encourage the saving of heritage seeds and animals
  •     promote the humane treatment of animals used for food in a humane manner
  •     regulate the sale of foods containing trans fats, and
  •     phase out the use of artificial additives and preservatives in products aimed at or likely to be consumed by children.


Sub title: 
A Right To Safe Food


  • that the social, health and environmental issues associated with food production are fully considered in agricultural policy
  • that people to have access to food that is healthy and locally produced
  • a more diverse, flexible and resilient food production system
  • the humane treatment of animals used for food
  • comprehensive food labelling
  • increased benefits to rural communities from food production in their region
  • a review of National Competition Policy legislation to favour local production close to final markets due to rising transport costs and carbon emissions
  • more local shops within walking and bicycle range of customers.
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