Urban Bushland and Wetlands

“All the water that will ever be is, right now.” - National Geographic

Urban bushland is bushland remaining in the built up areas of our towns and cities and in areas influenced by, or likely to be influenced by, urbanisation.

These precious areas of bush are irreplaceable, and have many environmental and social functions.

The flora and fauna of our region are recognised as some of the most diverse in the world, with many endemic species.

To keep this biodiversity we must protect our remaining bushland and wetlands and ensure they are properly managed for conservation.

Western Australia’s population is heavily concentrated in the south-west, an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot. 

We have pockets of significant native bushland occurring throughout our urban areas that provide valuable habitat and protection to our many endemic and localised species.

The Greens believe that:

  • urban bushland provides many valuable environmental and social functions,
  • Western Australia’s unique urban bushland should be protected from inappropriate development and managed for the conservation of its natural heritage,
  • nationally significant, regionally significant and locally significant areas of urban bushland should be connected via ecological linkages.



Sub title: 
A Scarce Resource


The Greens (WA) want:

  • significant urban bushland to be identified and protected,
  • education and information about urban bushland to be accessible to the community,
  • strong and effective clearing controls which preserve Banksia woodlands and Carnaby's Cockatoo habitat,
  • effective management of significant urban bushland areas to protect the habitat of Western Australian native fauna and control invasive weeds.
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