457 Visa Holders - Questions

Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Minister for Education:

(1) On what basis does the government intend to charge 457 visa holders for the education of their children?
(2) Does the minister intend to amend the School Education Act 1999 to facilitate this charge?
(3) Does the minister intend to amend the School Education Regulations 2000 to facilitate this charge?
(4) Is the minister aware that the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission advised the government that such fees could amount to discrimination?
(5) Is the minister considering a process similar to that in New South Wales whereby applications can be made to have the fees waived?

Hon PETER COLLIER replied:

I thank the honourable member for giving me some notice of that question; I appreciate it.
(1)–(5) I cannot give the member clarity behind any of those questions at the moment. What I will say to the member is that we are working through that at the moment and each one of those questions will be answered and it will not be too much longer. As I said, that is all I can say. It really will not be too much longer. The Premier’s office is working with the Department of Education and Treasury at the moment and when it is announced—as I said, it certainly will not be much longer—the member will have a response to each of those questions.