ACT's 40% emissions target shows potential of Greens in power-sharing govts

Lynn MacLaren MLC has welcomed the ACT's announcement that it will legislate to reduce emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2020.

"We need to take up this challenge here in Western Australia. This is one of the most ambitious targets of any jurisdiction in the world, and demonstrates real leadership by the minority Labor government working with the Greens there," said Ms MacLaren.

This target is the result of the highly successful parliamentary agreement between the Greens and the minority Labor government and bodes well for serious action on climate change and renewable energy in the new Commonwealth parliament.

"The ACT's 40% target, with tremendous support for energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transport, points the way for the rest of Australia to follow," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"A 40% target has implications that will reverberate around the country and beyond.

"This target will hugely boost jobs and investment in the ACT as homes, businesses, public buildings and industry all have major efficiency upgrades. There will be a boom for renewable energy developers and installers and great new opportunities for Canberrans to leave their cars at home.

"Once the ACT demonstrates the benefits that will come with this act of leadership, I have no doubt that others will follow.

"Nobody should be surprised that this kind of bold leadership is being provided by a minority government supported by the Greens while majority governments around the country are still doing as little about the climate crisis as they think they can get away with politically.

"My experience with the Greens supporting minority governments twice in Tasmania was that, in both cases, it was a period of much greater reform than when either Labor or the Liberals have had majorities.

"We delivered gun law reform, gay law reform, an apology to the Stolen Generations, world leading freedom of information laws, a doubling of the World Heritage Area and so much more.

"Today's announcement from the ACT shows Australians that a minority government at a federal level is a fabulous opportunity to move forward with real action!"