Advertising spend for Perth Freight Link to top $177,000

Hot on the heels of news that the Barnett Government has allocated more than $250,000 on public relations consultants to promote the unpopular Perth Freight Link, Greens’ inquiries have revealed the Government will spend another $177,000 advertising for the Link.

“The advertising spend to date on Perth Freight Link includes $94,858 for newspaper advertisements, direct mail and signage and the Government has allocated another $83,000 for similar, bringing the total advertising bill to just under $177,863,”Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC said.

“I think the Premier needs be alerted to the fact that no amount of advertising and PR is going to make this project palatable to the WA electorate, because it simply doesn’t stack up as a solution to a modern freight problem.

“Rather than waste WA taxpayers’ money promoting this lemon, the Barnett Government should be using our money to investigate more sensible solutions, such as developing the Outer Harbour at Kwinana concept which has been decades in the planning.

“We Greens today wrote Prime Minister Turnbull inviting him to Perth and see for himself if he really wants Commonwealth money going down the drain on this – if he wants to demonstrate strategic thinking and economic leadership then ditching the Link is a no-brainer.”