ALP has failed residents near Jandakot Airport: Greens

The WA Greens said today that the State Labor party has failed residents living near Jandakot Airport – and threatened WA’s biodiversity – after opposing a motion put by the Greens in the Legislative Council today.

"The Rudd Labor Government’s decisions on these new proposals has local residents fearing congestion and noise.

However, all West Australians should be concerned at the risk to the Jandakot water mound, and the planned loss of regionally significant bushland and endangered species such as the Grand Spider Orchid." said Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren.

"Although the WA Parliament and Government have no direct power over this airport land, our constituents will bear the brunt of these decisions.

"With that in mind, the Greens wanted to encourage the State’s Upper House to send a message to the Rudd Government." But Ms MacLaren said that the State ALP failed to stand up to their Federal colleagues on this issue. The Federal Ministers could have said no to the proposed expansion and bushland clearing – the case for expansion had several holes in it.

"Labor has defended a bad decision by Federal Ministers Peter Garrett and Anthony Albanese in failing to support our call for a rethink on this project."

"I welcomed the response to the motion from the Hon Max Trenorndan who suggested re-locating a flight school in the central wheatbelt instead. Jandakot airport would then provide only general aviation services."

"With the Barnett Government raising almost no objections to these developments as well, Jandakot residents and supporters of Perth’s unique urban bushland alike only have their voices brought into State Parliament by the Greens," Ms MacLaren concluded.

The Greens moved that the Upper House call on the Federal Government to rethink its approval of major new development on the airport land, which is owned by the Federal government. Airport lessee Jandakot Airport Holdings is planning changes including a fourth runway and up to 250 businesses surrounding the aviation infrastructure.