Animal Welfare Review Exposes Deficits say Greens

The review into the investment in and administration of the Animal Welfare Act 2002 reveals there is much to be done to improve animal welfare outcomes in WA say the Greens. We are pleased the report acknowledges the need for a long overdue wholesale review since the Animal Welfare Act was first introduced over a decade ago.

“The Greens acknowledge the Government’s support for the recommendations of the review is a necessary first step in improving the welfare of companion animals and pets, our precious and unique native wildlife and the many millions of production animals in WA,” said Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens spokesperson for Animals.

The review has made a series of 19 recommendations that may boost animal welfare outcomes, but there is still a long way to go before we can be confident that we are doing the best we can for animals in WA,” Ms MacLaren cautioned.

“This report identifies structural improvements needed in animal welfare, but it won’t be a quick fix and it won’t happen without guaranteed funding and support from the Government, stakeholders and the community”.

“The Greens believe it is essential that a review into the Act also reviews penalties for animal cruelty and their enforcement.

It should also ensure that laws governing the treatment of food production animals focus on delivering the highest possible animal welfare standards. Just because an animal is used for food production it should not be a license to cruelly mistreat it,” Ms MacLaren said.

“There are many examples of areas where the protection that animals need and deserve just isn’t provided by the law. The Greens will ensure we hold the Government to account to deliver the best possible outcomes for all animals,” Ms MacLaren concluded.