Anstey-Keane Dampland: Bush forever site - Questions

538. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Planning:

I refer to the Bush Forever policy, introduced in 2000.
(1) Can the minister advise when statutory protection for Bush Forever sites might happen?
(2) Is the minister aware that the Environmental Protection Authority has released guidelines recommending infrastructure including roads should not proceed through large consolidated naturally vegetated sites such as Bush Forever site 342, Anstey–Keane dampland?
(3) Will the department oppose the development of infrastructure through urban remnants such as Bush Forever sites, as per the EPA guidelines outlined in “Environmental Protection Bulletin No. 20: Protection of naturally vegetated areas through planning and development”?

Hon HELEN MORTON replied:

I thank the member for some notice of this question.
(1) “State Planning Policy 2.8: Bushland Policy for the Perth Metropolitan Region” provides a policy and implementation framework that ensures bushland protection and management issues in the Perth metropolitan region are appropriately addressed and integrated with broader land-use planning and decision-making. This is the principal planning policy governing the consideration of Bush Forever sites in the metropolitan area and sets differing policy measures for Bush Forever areas according to their zoning.
(2) The Department of Planning is aware of the guidelines.
(3) The Department of Planning assesses all proposals in accordance with relevant environmental and planning policies. The proposal for the development of Keane Road through Anstey–Keane dampland is currently before the Environmental Protection Authority for consideration. The Minister for Environment will make a determination on this proposal in accordance with environmental legislation and policies. If the Minister for Environment determines the proposal is environmentally acceptable to proceed, the City of Armadale is the decision-making authority for the development approval under the Planning and Development Act 2005 as the works constitute public works under section 6 of that act.