Anstey-Keane dumpland -Water infrastructure: Questions

293. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minster representing the Minister for Environment:
(1) Is the minister aware of any proposals by the Water Corporation for the construction of a water main, a sewer main or any other infrastructure through Bush Forever site 342?
(2) How much clearing of native vegetation would the proposals in (1) entail?
(3) Was directional drilling considered as an alternative to clearing bushland?
(4) What is the minister’s determination on the public environmental review of the Keane Road link, which would result in the clearing of native vegetation in Bush Forever site 342, Anstey–Keane dampland?
(5) If the minister has not made a determination on the Keane Road link PER —
(a) when will a determination be made; and
(b) are the proposals in (1) on hold until the environment minister makes a determination on the PER?
(6) If no to (5)(b), why not?

Hon HELEN MORTON replied:
I thank the member for some notice of this question.
(1)–(3) No detailed proposal has been formally referred to the Environmental Protection Authority by the Water Corporation at this time. However, the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority has had informal discussions with the Water Corporation about potential water infrastructure in this area.
(4) The Minister for Environment has not yet made a determination on the Keane Road strategic link proposal and is awaiting the Environmental Protection Authority’s report and recommendations on this proposal.
(5) (a) The Minister for Environment will make a determination once he has received the Environmental Protection Authority’s report and any appeals processes are completed.
(b) See the answer to (1)–(3).
(6) Not applicable.