Arts: The Greens (WA) Policy

Committed to encouraging creative expression and engagement with the arts, the Greens (WA) believe that all spheres of government are responsible for helping to facilitate these processes through funding and the provision of appropriate facilities.


The Greens (WA) want:

  • Australian arts and culture to maintain its unique character and diverse nature through support and promotion of local content and the development of local projects for all forms of art and culture
  • to promote arts and cultural events and access to those events with appropriate funding and support
  • increased access to arts and cultural events in rural and regional areas


The Greens (WA) will initiate and support legislation and actions that:

  • promote all areas of the arts
  • protect freedom of expression


  • increase participation of regional and local organisations and groups in policy-making, project determination and funding allocation
  • encourage communication, cooperation and consultation by decision-makers with the grass-roots level of the arts community


  • support private arts bodies and independent artists
  • support artists in their need to receive a just and fair reward for their work and protect the intellectual property and other rights of artists

Indigenous Arts

  • support and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' art forms through appropriate funding and as part of school-based curricula
  • develop culturally appropriate ways to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their rights
  • support the return of sacred objects that have been appropriated as ‘art objects’, or for any other reason, to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have responsibility for them


  • guarantee access to and participation in the arts by people who are disadvantaged, such as those with disabilities and those in prison

Publicly Funded Arts Institutions

  • ensure that arts funding and arts institutions are not controlled exclusively at a central level
  • increase the funding and promotion of public libraries as centres of community interaction, provided local capacity permits and ensure such centres are compatible with other local government initiatives
  • ensure that the ABC and SBS are adequately funded and able to entertain, inform and educate, particularly in regional and remote regions
  • ensure provision of affordable venues for the display and performance of the arts
  • promote local and original music with promotion of and protection for venues


  • promote careers in the arts
  • develop rotating, well-promoted Artists in Residence schemes for all branches of the arts, particularly in community-based and regional arts centres


  • nurture the creativity of young people by giving higher priority to arts in schools
  • provide ongoing funding and promote greater consultation with youth communities and those working directly with youth, to develop youth arts policies and projects which reflect and develop youth interests and capabilities.