Baby-boomers struggle with more cuts

With recent statistics showing that more baby-boomers are turning to crime as retirement struggles begin (West Australian, Sep 9, Page 18), Greens MLC Ms Lynn MacLaren emphasised that we must not slash funding to help the growing vulnerable group.

“A reported 50% increase in baby-boomers fronting magistrate courts in six years is a concern that needs addressing. We must ask ourselves why this number is growing”

“With no clear indicator of what lies ahead financially, it looks like older members of the community are falling astray. Baby-boomers can potentially be discriminated against based on age when it comes to employment, and with recent cuts to a program that directs older people towards sustainable living options, it seems they are falling off the bandwagon more than ever”.

“We need to look after the people that looked after us, it is clear we need to be investing more resources into this group”.

Ms MacLaren pointed out the validity of the skills, experiences and wisdom of the baby-boomers generation as assets which can enhance the broader community.

“I am working closely with those who offer appropriate services, like the Council of Ageing Western Australia, to ensure that their voices are heard by the state government. I will be highlighting the cuts that will be damaging to those that need more support”.