Barnett botches shark tender

Media statement, Monday 6 January 2014
Greens South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Barnett Government’s shark drum lining and killing tender was not advertised properly and could open the Government to legal action.
“This comes as further proof of the Government’s ill-thought-out approach to shark hazard mitigation,” Ms MacLaren said.
“Not only did the Premier ignore numerous key stakeholder groups affected by this appalling policy before he announced it  – ranging from ignoring the organisers of the Rottnest swim to WA’s shark fishing industry and shark scientists, it also appears that he has botched the tender process.
“The tender for drum lining and associated services released by the Government just before Christmas includes a claim that the tender follows State Supply Commission policy on ‘Open and Effective Competition’.
“However, that statement appears to be misleading because the policy requires that all tenders where the total estimated price of the proposed procurement is greater than $150,000 to be advertised for a minimum of ten working days. 
“According to the Premier and Fisheries Minister’s joint media release of 27 December, the total cost of drum lining and associated services for the period covered by the tender is expected to be around $1 million; therefore one would think the requirement for a minimum 10 working day advertising period applies.
“The tender was advertised on 23 December 2013 and submissions closed on 3 January 2014 – i.e. six working days.
“Further, the Government made a series of significant changes to the tender in an addendum on 30 December, half way through the advertising period.
“It’s an environmentally irresponsible policy that won’t save lives, so instead of proceeding with this rushed, botched tender process we should spend the money on actions that do not kill threatened marine species, and protect people using the water."