Barnett Government MPs seek to muzzle the RSPCA

State Upper House Liberal Government backbenchers today conducted a coordinated and sustained attack on the issue of live exports, and against Greens animal welfare spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC in particular.

Nigel Hallett, Ken Baston and Brian Ellis today all used their budget speeches to beat the drum for an industry the Greens say has had more than its fair share of opportunities to reform itself.

“The lowest points during today’s lengthy tirades were claims by Nigel Hallett MLC, later supported by Ken Baston MLC, that the RSPCA was out of order in publicly opposing this cruel trade,” said Ms MacLaren.

“It was appalling to hear these attempts to silence dissent, which went as far as calling for RSPCA President Lyn Bradshaw to resign. The RSPCA is doing an excellent job speaking up for the voiceless – that is why they deserve some government funding," added Ms MacLaren.

“The Barnett Government is out-of-step with most Western Australians, who want to see an end to this cruelty. The Federal Minister should never have lifted the ban without guaranteeing that exported cattle will be stunned before slaughter,” said Ms MacLaren.

“The only way forward is to urgently establish a meat exports industry to replace the live trade."

"If it can’t be done humanely, it must stop,” concluded Ms MacLaren.

There will be a rally to end live exports on Sunday 14th August at 12pm at the Fremantle Esplanade. Speakers include RSPCA President Lyn Bradshaw, Lisa Baker MLA (ALP), Lynn MacLaren MLC (Greens), Mayor Brad Pettitt, and a video broadcast from Lyn White.