Beeliar Wetlands - Roe Highway Stage 8

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL - Thursday, 25 March 2010]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Simon O'Brien


64. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Minister for Transport:
(1) Is the minister aware of community concerns that recent hydrological survey work and soil testing by
subcontractors or any other survey work involved in the proposed Roe Highway stage 8 project in the
Beeliar wetlands may have caused damage in several areas of the wetlands?
(2) Is the minister concerned that damage has occurred during the highway study phase before
environmental approval for constructing this highway has been obtained?
(3) Has the minister personally visited the areas of the Beeliar Regional Park wetlands that are directly
under threat by the Roe 8 proposal; and, if not, would he accept an invitation for a guided walk of the
wetlands with local experts and the local Nyoongah elders of Walliabup; that is, Bibra Lake?

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN replied:

I thank the honourable member for some notice of this question.
(1) South Metro Connect has investigated the claims of damage to vegetation. It advises me that its
subconsultants have assured it that the requirements of the licence issued by the Department of
Environment and Conservation have been adhered to and it has not caused any environmental damage.
Environmental staff have inspected the site and have found no evidence of any damage to vegetation
caused by subconsultants. SMC has invited any complainant to escort its team to view damage so it can
be investigated further. To date this invitation has not been taken up.
(2) My understanding is that no evidence has been provided indicating any damage has been caused by
SMC or its agents. I also note that there have been reports of a significant volume of vehicular activity
within the project area that is not associated with the project.
(3) I thank the honourable member very much for her personal invitation, but I have personally visited the
site on a number of occasions and I will do so again in the future.
Hon Ken Travers: Go with the member!
Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: I am the member!