Extract from uncorrected Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 12 June 2013]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon James Chown

156. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport:
(1) Will the minister table a finalised Western Australian bicycle network plan now that it has been over a
year since the draft plan was released?
(2) If no to (1), why not?
(3) Will the minister table the minutes from each WABN implementation reference group meeting since
November 2012?
(4) Is the minister aware that a cycling danger zone, specifically a high-traffic blind spot at a freeway
underpass near City West, was reported to the minister’s office on 3 May 2012?
(5) What steps are being undertaken to reduce the risk of cycling accidents at this location?

Hon JIM CHOWN replied:
I thank the honourable member for some notice of this question. The Department of Transport provides the
following advice —
(1)–(3) The Western Australian bicycle network plan is being finalised by the Department of Transport and will
be submitted to the Minister for Transport for consideration when completed. It is envisaged that the
minutes of the WABN implementation reference group will be used to formulate this report, and as
such it would be premature to release them.
(4) Yes.
(5) The specific section of principal shared path is in a space-constrained section of the Mitchell Freeway.
Main Roads has previously assessed the safety issues and added pavement markings and reflective
signings to alert cyclists of the intersection. The onus is on cyclists to slow down and cycle through the
site with caution.