Extract from uncorrected Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 13 June 2013]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon James Chown

178. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport:
I refer to a media report of a cycling accident in Sydney this past Sunday in which a cyclist was killed by a
(1) What does the minister consider is a safe passing distance between a cyclist and a car?
(2) What minimum passing distances are currently enforced?
(3) If no minimum passing distances are currently enforced, why not?
(4) How will safe passing distances be addressed in the final version of the Western Australian bicycle
network plan?

Hon JIM CHOWN replied:
I thank the honourable member for some notice of this question.
The Office of Road Safety advises —
(1) As specified in part 11, division 3, clause 124 of the Road Traffic Code 2000, a safe passing distance
when overtaking is considered to be “a sufficient distance to avoid a collision with that vehicle or to
avoid obstructing the path of that vehicle”. Also in part 11, division 1, clause 109, a safe distance
behind vehicles is considered to be a distance at which it “will enable the driver to stop the vehicle in an
emergency with safety, and without running into the vehicle in front of him or her”. In part 15, division
1, clause 221, “A person shall not ride a bicycle within 2 m of the rear of a motor vehicle, over a
distance of more than 200 m.”
(2)–(3) Enforcement of the Road Traffic Code 2000 is the responsibility of WA Police. This question should be
referred to the respective minister.
The Department of Transport advises —
(4) The Western Australian bicycle network plan is being finalised by the Department of Transport and will
be submitted to the Minister for Transport for consideration when completed. The matter of safe
passing distances is a separate operational policy for the Office of Road Safety.