Big Dollars lauded for agricultural and companion animal welfare

Today the Greens applauded the Barnett-Grylls’ Government budget allocation of $1.6 million for animal welfare and the much needed increase in the number of inspectors.

However, Greens WA spokesperson Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC said “I am less impressed with the transfer of responsibility to the Agriculture and Food Department simply because of the obvious conflict of interest which will need to be actively managed.”

“I wouldn’t want to see this unprecedented investment in animal welfare squandered due to a conflict of interest between administering the animal welfare act and the main purpose of Agriculture department which is increasing productivity and promoting agriculture.”

“To estimate the potential conflict caused by the shift to the new Department it would be helpful to learn how many animal welfare complaints have been lodged against the Agriculture Department and whether any complaints are currently under investigation.”

The injection of $500,000 for the RSPCA underscores the huge public interest in animal welfare.

“I know many Western Australians will welcome Government support for this organisation. I hope that the RSPCA uses these funds to continue its commitment to campaign against live exports as well as in its work to protect companion animals like dogs and cats.”