South Perth’s Stimulus Funds Wisely Invested

South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren met Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the invitation of Mayor of South Perth James Best, who was delighted to give Ms Gillard a tour of the new civic building and library in construction thanks to Infrastructure Australia funding.

An installation at Sir James Mitchell Park will receive funds in the current round, as announced by the Deputy Prime Minister today.

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Road planners leave track and damage soil

17 March 2010 Lynn inspected a tract of land in the Beeliar wetlands this morning where a four wheel drive truck has left deep ruts in the soil near this year's plantings.

The damage is believed to have been caused by hydrological surveyors who strayed from established tracks to drill test bores.

GMO Rally Sets Minister Redman Running

February 21, 2010 The inspiring rally protesting the Liberal Government’s decision to lift the moratorium on growing genetically modified crops in WA had a great turn out and sent a powerful message to Minister Redman, who literally ran away from the crowd and away from the truth. Read more »

India Rejects GMO

February 11, 2010 - The Indian Government has listened to the public and had the strength to reject Monsanto and GM Vegetables. See more information at the following link: Read more »

Youth Mental Health Centre Opening in Fremantle

February 4th, 2010