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Lynn talks to Howard Sattler about live animal exports

On Monday February 14, Lynn talked to Howard Sattler on 6PR's Drive Programme about the latest damming report on the live export industry.

The joint government and industry report highlights the shocking cruelty that Australian cattle endure when they are shipped to Indonesia for slaughter.

Not only are our animals sent on a long and sometimes fatal journey to Indonesian ports, once they arrive, their suffering continues with slaughter methods that are illegal in this country.

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It's time for marriage equality

"Today's launch of a national advertising campaign for marriage equality is well timed for national law reform," said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

"As Western Australians wait for the Nationals to table a bill for civil unions, we call on the federal parliament to debate full marriage equality for same sex couples and allow all elected Members to vote with their conscience.

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Help save bobby calves from further cruelty

Animal Health Australia recently called for submissions on the proposed animal welfare standard for the transportation of bobby calves. 

Currently in Australia, 700,000 male calves born to dairy cows are treated as 'waste products' from the dairy industry and slaughtered.

Now the Australian government is considering a standard proposed by the Dairy Industry that would legalise bobby calves being deprived of food and water during the last 30 hours prior to slaughter.

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We Need Your Help!

Save Beeliar Wetlands


The government plans to build a 6-lane highway through the Beeliar Wetlands, home to more than 220 plant and 123 bird species including the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

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Great News! Paganoni Swamp safe from development

We've had an early Christmas present this year with news that Paganoni Swamp Reserve has been saved from development.

In a thank you letter to Lynn, Friends of Paganoni Swamp Reserve co-ordinator Leonie Stubbs said that after more than two years of ardent lobbying, the Planning Minister has officially advised them that the entire area is now reserved in the MRS for Parks and Recreation.

The Bush Forever site 395 was proposed to be rezoned to "urban" in the draft Southern Metropolitan and Peel Sub-Regional Structure Plan to support the Karnup train station.

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The Starlight Hotel Choir CD

St Patrick’s Community Support Centre in Fremantle is proud to announce that the Starlight Hotel Choir has produced its first CD, 'Shelter Me'.

For a preview of the fantastic singing and music, please click here.

A number of the songs were written by members of the choir during their song-writing workshops.

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