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Federal Investigation Finds Cattle Suffered Slow, Cruel Deaths

live animal exports shipAn investigation by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has found that the 300 cattle who died on a February voyage from Fremantle to Egypt suffered slow, cruel deaths.

South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren said the evidence revealed by the AQIS investigation into the first shipment since the trade with Egypt was re-opened, adds to the case against live exports.

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Boom turns to bust as 55,000 wait for public housing in WA

Soaring housing and living costs in Western Australia are pushing record numbers of people onto the public housing waitlist, despite the state being home to more millionaires per capita than almost anywhere else on the planet.

“55,000 is a worrying number, especially when you consider that the combined state and federal programs have only locked in an extra 4,600 new public dwellings over 4 years up until 2011,” said MLC Lynn MacLaren, Greens WA spokesperson for Housing.

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Carers Week 17 -23 October 2010

Almost 2.6 million Australians provide care for family members or friends with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or who are frail aged.

Carers contribute $30.5 billion dollars worth of care each year.  Australia’s health system could not survive without the contribution of carers.

Carers Week is a national awareness week held during October each year in Australia.

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Festival of the Lakes celebrates Beeliar Wetlands

It was hard to imagine a 6-lane highway ripping through the beautiful Beeliar wetlands during the recent Festival of the Lakes.

The family fun day at the Beeliar beauty spot was a huge success, with locals, artists and conservationists celebrating the ecological and historical significance of this internationally recognised wetland. This picture shows local boy Jason peering into a bat box at one of the many displays and activities on the day.

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Baby formula not properly labelled

Revelations on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’ program shows Australian parents are being denied their fundamental right to know what’s in the food they feed their children.

Test results released by Greenpeace and confirmed with further testing by Channel Seven showed one of Australia’s leading baby formulas, S-26 Soy, contains unlabelled genetically modified ingredients.

“Labelling is so poor in this country that you can’t be sure you’re getting what you pay for," said Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens spokesperson on Food.

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Euthanasia Bill defeat

Lynn is pictured here outside the WA Parliament with Former Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, Marshall Peron, before the Voluntary Euthanasia debate.

“Since the vote, several people have contacted me, thanking me for my compassionate stance, even if they disagreed with the position I took supporting the Bill. My heart goes out to those who are suffering now. I hope their dismay is not overwhelming,” said Ms Maclaren.

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