Breed Specific Legislation - Questions

Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Local Government:

(1) Is the minister aware of the many jurisdictions worldwide that demonstrate that breed-specific legislation is ineffective?
(2) Is the minister aware of the “Calgary model”—an animal control by-law that originates from Calgary, Canada, that opposes breed-specific legislation?
(3) Are there other provisions of the Dog Amendment Bill 2013 based on the Calgary model?
(4) If yes to (3), which provisions?
(5) Are there any extra responsibilities for rangers under the Dog Amendment Bill 2013?
(6) If yes to (5), what training are rangers receiving to cope with extra responsibilities?

Hon HELEN MORTON replied:

I thank the member for some notice of the question.
(1) I am aware that various conclusions have been reported on the effectiveness of breed-specific legislation; however, this government wants to ensure that the community is protected from breeds that have been identified as capable of causing serious injury or even death if they attack.
(2)–(3) Yes.
(4) Proposed section 34 of the Dog Amendment Bill 2013.
(5) No; it provides clarification and more tools to assist with the enforcement of the legislation.
(6) Not applicable.