Build capacity in community housing

Greens support building capacity in community housing as new research reveals community housing is the answer to long public housing waitlists

In response to research released on 5 February 2013, the Greens supported calls to grow the community housing sector to deliver affordable and sustainable housing to thousands trapped in housing stress or homelessness.

Greens WA housing spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said "Dr Gilmour gave a brickbat to WA's  'Opening Doors' strategy, as a good policy poorly implemented. I agree with the Community Housing Coalition's assessment that throwing money at the problem is not a way out of WA's housing crisis.

"This new research by the Housing Action Network says that community housing is the answer to the long waitlists for public housing, along with action and transparency in Department of Housing programmes.

"Developing capacity in the community housing sector can be done through adding more providers and building on the strengths of existing providers. National regulation will help to lift standards and attract more private funding.

"WA is leading the country in one area: the state has seen the largest stock transfer to community housing. While public housing is chronically underfunded, more collaboration between the Department of Housing and community housing organisations will see more people living in secure, affordable housing.

"The Greens (WA) support the introduction of enabling legislation for inclusionary zoning to require targets for affordable and social housing in development projects.

"Tenants in community housing are more likely to take an active role in maintaining properties and developing ecologically sustainable lifestyles because they are more invested in the social fabric.

"The Greens released an initiative to place solar PV panels on every community house within the next three years. Through the panels and associated smart meters, residents would become active decision makers about how to reduce their power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Ms MacLaren.