Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment Project

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 25 May 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Helen Morton


Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Mental Health representing the Minister for Planning

With reference to the Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment Project (the Project) —

(1) Can the Minister provide details of —

(a) how the existing “A” Class and “C” Class reserves on the foreshore will be affected if the
Project goes ahead;

(b) the community consultation that has been carried out in relation to the Project and the results
of that consultation; and

(c) the adaptation measures that will be carried out to protect the Project against sea level rise and
the other impacts of coastal climate change, including extreme weather event and storm surges
impacts of climate change?

(2) Will measures be taken to protect the foreshore and adjacent coast from the harmful effects of the
adaptation measures proposed in 1(c) above?

(a) If no to (2), why not?

(b) If yes to (2), please give details.

Hon HELEN MORTON replied:

(1) (a)–(c) No. The Busselton Foreshore Redevelopment Project is being undertaken by the Shire of
Busselton. I understand that the Project is currently in the Plan and Design Phase, and as such
information about the proposal has not yet been provided by the Shire to the Western
Australian Planning Commission. Any questions regarding details of the Project should
therefore be directed to the Shire.

(2) See above.