Call for commitment to grain freight rail

On the release of the Auditor General's report concerning Management of the Rail Freight Network Lease, Lynn MacLaren called upon the Government to keep the Tier 3 lines running.

“Having served on the Parliamentary committee investigating the Tier 3 closure, and listened to farmers, I am convinced that any government would be wise to invest in Tier 3 rail and keep freight truck numbers down to improve road safety, reduce emissions and improve transport efficiency.” Greens Transport spokesperson and South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren said today.

"The Auditor General’s report provides more data supporting these conclusions.

“The old parties seem bedazzled by mining resources and are forgetting that rail infrastructure for our biggest agricultural export is equally important to WA’s economy.

“The Tier 3 closure alone will put between 57,000 to 85,000 more truck movements on to the roads each year. The Wheatbelt South highway already has the highest death toll per capita in our state.

"The Greens support initiatives that reduce trucks on our roadways. Wheatbelt highways already have a highest death toll per capita of all WA roads. Reducing emissions and highway road congestion is better for health and improves transport efficiency."