Stop Logging Native Forests

Logging is not the answer

Most Western Australians feel our native forests are worth far more standing than logged.
In trying to keep the dying logging industry alive at the expense of our native fauna and flora, the Government is showing it is out of step with community sentiment.
Lynn has challenged the Minister for Forestry about claims that the heavily subsidised logging in WA native forests is economically viable.
The South-West's native forests are worth far more standing than they are as firewood, woodchips and railway sleepers.
They are carbon sotres and provide habitat for many species including red-tailed black cockatoos, mainland quokkas, and chuditch.
They play a vital role in a drying climate, not to mention the aesthetic and tourism value.
After decades of clearing, over-cutting and general mismanagement, many of our native forest and woodland ecosystems have been left fragmented, degraded and in need of protection and restoration.
As rainfall levels continue to drop in the south west, the expansion of logging allowed by the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 puts our native wildlife under extraordinary pressure from which it may never recover.
Lynn is calling upon the State Government to transition from logging native forests to sustainable plantations.


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Stop Logging Native Forests

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