Castrilli should manage Manning Road mess: MacLaren

Trees are felled along Manning Road in WilsonGreens MLC Lynn MacLaren responded to news of an injured protestor in the ongoing Manning Road tree felling conflict by calling on the Minister for Local Government to take a leadership role.

“These trees along the central median strip have all but disappeared now. The amenity of the area is dramatically affected.”

“This is a loss for the biodiversity for the city, for the people who live and work along Manning Road, and a failure in leadership by local and State authorities.”

“Minister Castrilli is noticeably absent from the conflict unfolding in Manning Road over the trees the City of Canning have decided to destroy.”

“This is representative of a Minister who has completely failed to engage with important local government issues, most particularly when it comes to conservation measures.’

“There has been a failure on both levels of Government to acknowledge the advice of experts, that the trees are used by red tailed cockatoos for foraging.”

“Secondly, the engineers’ report indicates that the tree roots are not causing major problems with the road sub-surface so that is no excuse to destroy scores of trees.”

“Thirdly, the Council plans to replace these established trees with the same species, so I think people are asking, how is that going to solve the problem long term?”

“I repeat the call for a Local Government Model Tree Policy, accepted in previous Governments, which would have helped ensure that trees are protected across all suburbs to ensure that all birds, including the endangered Red Tailed Cockatoos, thrive.”