Cat legislation: Have your say

This is Jazz and Lucky, who are being cared for by the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Shenton Park Cat Haven.

There are thousands of cats like Jazz and Lucky who are left at the Cat Haven every year. Some are re-housed, but thousands are euthanised.

This sad situation could be improved dramatically thanks to a new Bill that has been released about domestic cats.

Various local governments have attempted to introduce their own laws, but this will be a comprehensive state-wide law.

The Greens introduced a similiar Bill, which was unsuccessful, during the Gallop government.

The Bill is intended to reduce the numbers of cats that are euthanised every year, to protect native animals and to reduce the impact of stray cats on the community and environment.

The Bill is out for comment. If you want to have a say, go to the Department of Local Government's website here.

The key elements being proposed in the legislation are compulsory identification through microchipping, compulsory registration and compulsory sterilisation.

Your feedback is important to the consideration and development of this proposed legislation.

We encourage all cat owners, cat lovers and other concerned members of the public to read through the Consultation Paper and give any feedback you think is relevant.  The more people that get involved at this stage of the process, the better the legislation will be.