Cat Legislation Submission

Our brief submission to the proposed Domestic Cat Control Legislation is now available from my website.

The Bill is intended to reduce the numbers of cats that are euthanised every year, to protect native animals and to reduce the impact of stray cats on the community and environment.

Submissions are now being reviewed by the Department of Local Government and recommendations will be provided to the Minister for Local Government on the provisions to be included in the legislation.

It is proposed that the following key elements are included in a Domestic Cat Act:

  • Compulsory identification through microchipping;
  • Compulsory registration; and
  • Compulsory sterilisation.

While research indicates that legislation will not resolve all of the problems associated with cats, it will provide the mechanisms to:

  • Encourage responsible pet ownership;
  • Reduce the number of cats being bred;
  • Allow for cats found in a public place or on private property to be seized; and
  • Allow for reuniting of lost cats with their owners.