Biodiversity Bill long overdue and much-needed: Greens

The Greens congratulate Minister Jacob for a new act for biodiversity and conservation on the precipice of what is shaping up to be one of Western Australia’s most fierce environmental campaigns to save the Beeliar wetlands.

"A Bill to replace WA’s outdated Wildlife Conservation Act is a welcome step although given the time lag since the draft legislation was first proposed it will warrant careful public scrutiny,” Greens Biodiversity Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“It has been 14 years since the former Labor Government came to power promising an overhaul of WA wildlife conservation laws and we have had successive Labor and Liberal governments since then promise to introduce new biodiversity legislation without managing to do so,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Minister therefore deserves congratulations for getting this Bill this far.

“More incentives to protect and conserve the environment are welcome as are increased penalties as deterrents for offences against wildlife but unlike the Federal EPBC Act, this Bill stops short of jail terms, which means some offenders may be prepared to take the risk. Read more »

Govt reveals: 90 jobs to be cut from Department of Parks and Wildlife

Questions by Greens Biodiversity Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC tonight have confirmed massive cuts to the State Government department responsible for managing WA’s wilderness and  biodiversity.

“I am appalled to hear that 90 full-time equivalent jobs will be cut from the Department of Parks and Wildlife in 2015, given it comes on top of successive whittling away of that Department’s staffing and resources over many years,” Ms MacLaren said.

“A total 30 of those positions lost will be cut from the Department’s Science and Conservation Division. 

“This occurs as the Government has massively increased this Department’s spending on prescribed burning.

“It is no joke to say that the Department  of Parks and Wildlife would now more accurately be called the Department of Burning. Read more »


Introduction and First Reading
Bill introduced, on motion by Hon Lynn MacLaren, and read a first time.
Second Reading
HON LYNN MacLAREN (South Metropolitan) [10.24 am]: I move —
That the bill be now read a second time. Read more »

Environment is Biggest Loser in State Budget

“The Budget shows us what the Government values. The environment is not on that list,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said on the release of the State Budget this afternoon.

“The Environmental Community Grants Program has been axed, leaving conservation volunteers in the lurch. Last year, almost one and half million was provided to environmental programs, and now nothing.
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[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 22 May 2013]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Helen Morton Read more »