Live Animal Exports

New evidence of cattle cruelty should prompt live exports ban

Lynn MacLaren MLC has welcomed the latest evidence of live export animal cruelty screened last night on the ABC. "I think Australians were shocked to see the Indonesian footage on 4 corners showing restraint boxes stamped with the MLA (Meat and Livestock Authority) logo. Last night it was reported that the chief vet has released his assessment of the boxes, and lo and behold, they fail the test for animal welfare."

"The levy that farmers are paying is going to perpetuate cruel practices rather than eliminate them. It is clear to me that live exports must stop. I expect that we will see mounting evidence of the pain and suffering as more livestock are exported," added Ms MacLaren. Read more »

Live export decision out of touch with community wishes

Greens WA Spokesperson on Animal Welfare Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC said the Federal Parliament’s decision to vote down legislation that would have ended live export is totally out of touch with the wishes of the Australian community.

“The nearly 1500 people who descended on the Fremantle Esplanade last weekend to call for an end to the trade will be bitterly disappointed to hear the Federal Parliament’s decision,” said Ms MacLaren.

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Lynn MacLaren defends the RSPCA and live export stance

Hon Lynn Maclaren MLC has defended both the RSPCA and her stance on live exports in Parliament following attacks by Liberal MPs.

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Rally to Ban Live Exports

Aug 14 2011 12:00

Rally to Ban Live Exports
The Esplanade Fremantle
11 to 1pm

Barnett Government MPs seek to muzzle the RSPCA

State Upper House Liberal Government backbenchers today conducted a coordinated and sustained attack on the issue of live exports, and against Greens animal welfare spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC in particular.

Nigel Hallett, Ken Baston and Brian Ellis today all used their budget speeches to beat the drum for an industry the Greens say has had more than its fair share of opportunities to reform itself.

“The lowest points during today’s lengthy tirades were claims by Nigel Hallett MLC, later supported by Ken Baston MLC, that the RSPCA was out of order in publicly opposing this cruel trade,” said Ms MacLaren. Read more »

Live cattle trade to Indonesia - statistics

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Tuesday, 9 August 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney


Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Child Protection representing the Minister for Agriculture and
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HSI welcomes continued support for conscience vote on ending live trade

In light of Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Joe Ludwig’s recent decision to lift the ban on the export of live cattle to Indonesia, Humane Society International (HSI) has welcomed the support being received from of a growing number of MPs who are continuing to raise concerns about the welfare of Australian cattle being sent to slaughter in Indonesian abattoirs.

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Greens condemn decision to resume live exports

The Federal Minister may have acted too hastily to resume the export of live animals, Greens WA spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said today.

“Without a commitment to ensuring Australian animals will be stunned before slaughter, we cannot condone resuming the trade with Indonesia.”

“It is one thing to be able to trace where an animal is, it is another thing entirely to be able to guarantee its welfare,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Live cattle trade - visits to Indonesia by Minister for Agriculture and Food

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Tuesday, 28 June 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney


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Live cattle trade - visits to Indonesia by Minister for Agriculture and Food

Question Without Notice No. 448 asked in the Legislative Council on 22 June 2011 by Hon Lynn Maclaren

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