Live Animal Exports

Rally at Parliament To Ban Live Animal Exports

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren, Greens WA spokesperson on Animals, has tabled a petition of 4000 signatures calling for an investigation into phasing out live animal exports.

A further 1000 signatures were tabled in the Lower House.

The petition notes the high mortality rates, poorly policed animal welfare laws, and the weakened meat trade costing thousands of jobs.

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Greens welcome historic decision on live animal exports

live animal exportsLynn MacLaren, MLC for the South Metropolitan Region, was delighted to be present when Fremantle City Councillors voted to support a phase-out of live animal exports.

“This is an important step to end the Australian trade in live exports – 80% of which is conducted from Fremantle”, said Lynn MacLaren.

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Live Animal Exports

In the wake of the public outcry the Four Corners program A Bloody Business, this is the best opportunity that we have had to ban live exports for good. If you have not already emailed Julia Gillard to tell her to end this horrific industry please do so now! Read more »

Live Animal Exports - Fremantle

Live animal exports is an issue that brings people together, from all political pursuasions.

In the Fremantle area, State MLC Lynn MacLaren, Federal MP Melissa Parkes and Fremantle Mayor, Brad Pettitt are joining forces to put an end to this barbaric trade, creating three tiers of government opposition.   Read more »