No WA Shark Cull

South African experience shows folly of WA Government’s proposed shark cull

Media statement, Monday 23 December 2013

Greens South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren says official figures from Natal, South Africa, show that drum lines will kill many more harmless marine species than dangerous species.

 "The WA Government has justified its unpopular new shark cull policy by citing experiences elsewhere yet an examination of the few places in the world where drum lines have been introduced shows that drum lines kill far more harmless species  than they do tiger and great white sharks,” Ms MacLaren said.

 “With the release today of an open letter from 100-plus shark scientists around the world opposing the WA Government’s new shark killing policy, I challenge the Premier and Fisheries Minister to put forward a single Australian scientist who backs their policy.

 “An examination of the annual reports of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board in Natal, South Africa, shows that for the past two years, the number of tiger and great white sharks caught in drum lines and nets off Natal has been outnumbered by five times by the capture of smaller sharks, catfish, humpback whales and leatherback and green turtles.

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Greens MLC to table petition calling for halt to shark cull

Media statement, Wednesday, 11 December, 2013.

Today Greens MLC Ms Lynn MacLaren will table close to 400 signatures as an urgent response to the Premier’s recent announcement to cull Great White Sharks through drum-lines dropped at popular South-West beaches.

“This is a clear sign that the community is building opposition to the Premier’s decision to begin killing-off an endangered species once it has been caught on these baited drum-lines”.
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Drum-lines not the answer: Greens

Media statement, Tuesday, 10 December, 2013.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren joined speakers from Sea Shepherd and West Australians for Shark Conservation and a vocal group of protesters today on the steps of Parliament to call upon the Premier to abandon any plans to install drum-lines behind popular South-West surf-breaks to catch sharks in a doomed effort to stop fatal shark attacks.

A drum line is identified by Shark Defence Australia as ‘a large chain with a baited hook that is attached to a buoy and anchored at the bottom of the sea floor. Like shark nets, they are used to cull sharks in the area to reduce attacks on humans’.
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Protest to stop the shark cull and repeal the imminent threat policy

What:            Protest over the widening of the Imminent Threat Policy by the Premier and shark culling in WA.  
Who:             Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens WA spokesperson  for Biodiversity and Ross Weir, Western Australians for Shark Conservation President and spokesperson
When:           Tuesday, 10 December 2013.  
Where:          10:00 am on steps of Parliament House, West Perth.
Why:              Western Australians will be gathering to oppose the killing of endangered shark species in the state. Read more »