Save the Beeliar Wetlands from Roe 8

Environment Minister Dismisses Community over Beeliar Wetlands

The Greens are standing firm in their intention to save the Beeliar wetlands from the destructive Roe Highway stage 8 extension, said South Metro Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren upon hearing that the controversial road was given conditional environmental approval by Minister Albert Jacobs.

“The Environment Minister has short-shrifted the public through dismissing community appeals against the Roe 8 highway,” she said.

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Beeliar Wetlands

The Barnett Government is poised to build Roe 8 through the Beeliar wetlands. 

He has pledged $630m of state money. Three days before Christmas 2014 environmental approval was granted.

Watch Lynn's video on the precious Beeliar wetlands here

Roe Highway stage 8: Federal funding - Questions

452. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport: Read more »

Public cannot be fooled on ill-thought out ‘road to nowhere’

Media statement, Tuesday 20 May 2014.

Yesterday’s attempts by the state and federal government to gather support for the Roe 8 Highway extension serves as ‘a futile attempt at spruiking a costly road to nowhere that makes no sense’, said Greens MLC, Lynn MacLaren.

“The Federal Finance Minister, the State Transport Minister and the Federal Assistant Infrastructure Minister have thrown all their political weight behind this ridiculous project, hoping to legitimise it to the general public at a press conference.
“The public cannot be fooled that easily, West Australians do not want a toll road and they do not want 5km of road rammed through rare wetlands when it will not reduce congestion. Read more »

Community opposition cools enthusiasm for Roe 8

Media statement, Thursday, 8 May 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has congratulated community campaigners who have successfully deterred state funding for the Roe 8 Highway (through Perth’s Beeliar wetlands) for another year.

“Were it not for the continuing strong community opposition and campaigning I am certain there would be bulldozers warming their engines to tear through the wetlands already. Bit by bit campaigners have managed to hold back the tide on the government senselessly paving 5km of road through rare WA wetlands,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

The Case For Saving the Beeliar Wetlands from Roe 8

The State Government is currently taking public submissions as part of the Public Environmental Review (PER) process for the proposed Roe 8 Highway Extension. Lynn is opposed to the construction of the proposed Roe 8 Highway extension and has produced some factsheets detailing her concerns which can be downloaded here. These are intended to help members of the community to make submissions to the PER. Lynn would be most grateful if you could help distribute these through your networks. More copies of the factsheets can be obtained from our office.

Lynn is urging concerned community members to consider making a submission to the PER; this can be as simple as writing a letter expressing your view about the project. Or you can use the form on the Conservation Council website. This is an important opportunity for you to influence Government decisions. Without your help, this peaceful place may be changed forever at great cost and for little benefit. The public submission period for the PER closes on 12th September. Read more »

Save the Beeliar Wetlands from Roe 8

Lynn's office is working closely with community groups and independent researchers who are opposed to the Roe 8 highway extension going through the culturally and ecologically important Beeliar wetlands.The North and Bibra Lakes are home to more than 220 plant species and 123 bird species including the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo and Peregrine falcon.It is used by migratory waterbirds such Read more »