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Landmark GMO case finally to receive judgment

Media statement, Wednesday, 28 May 2014.

As we await judgment today on the Marsh and Baxter case, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says no matter what the outcome, it is evident that GM farming cannot coincide with organic farmers when voluntary regulation practices are ignored.

“What we have seen in this court case is an undeniable dismissal of voluntary regulations that could have prevented the contamination of Steve Marsh’s organic crops”.

“Use of chemicals on farms is out of hand… self-regulation by industry is not happening. Farmers are taking the view that Guidelines put out by DAFWA can be disregarded”.
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Everything you need to know about GM foods

Mar 2 2012 16:00

Gilles-Eric Séralini is a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France where he leads a research team associated with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). Professor Séralini’s team has been the most published in the world in scientific peer reviewed journals on the effect of GMOs authorised in agriculture and pesticides used in association with GMOs on health, animals and humans. He will be giving a series of lectures around Australia on the health impacts of GM food. Read more »

GM crops: The Canadian experience

National Farmers Union Tour

Canada has been growing GM crops for 16 years. Matt Gehl and Peter Eggers of the Canadian National Farmers Union share their experience with GM crops, and explain why Canadian farmers have rejected GM wheat. Read more »

Genetically modified canola - contamination - Cunderdin

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 30 November 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren


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Government dodges issue of GM contamination

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC, The Greens spokesperson on GMOs has accused the Government of trying to deflect attention away from the liability concerns associated with genetically modified (GM) crops by ‘shooting the messenger’. Brian Ellis, the Secretary to the Parliamentary Liberal Party, used Parliamentary question time yesterday to attempt to undermine Ms MacLaren’s account of the recent GM contamination incident near Cunderdin.

“50 hectares of GM canola were sown, with an agronomist estimating the yield to be around 2 tonnes per hectare – so 100 tonnes is a reasonable estimate of how much was spilt,” said Ms MacLaren. Read more »

Gene Technology Act reviewed extended

The public submission period for the WA Gene Technology Act Review 2011 has been extended until 5pm, Friday December 16, 2011. Please write a short letter or comment to the reviewers.

The use of gene technology in Australia is regulated under a national scheme comprised of
the Commonwealth Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Commonwealth Act) and regulations
made under it and corresponding legislation in the States and Territories. The WA GT Act
2006 is the Western Australian Component of the national scheme.
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Hail storm unleashes more genetically modified canola contamination - highlights need for farmer protection legislation

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens spokesperson on GMOs, called for legislation to protect farmers from unwanted GM contamination, following a hail storm last week near Cunderdin which resulted in around 100 tonnes of GM canola being knocked to the ground in a GM canola field. This then washed downhill - contaminating the roadside verge and a neighbouring non-GM property.

Ian James, whose non-GM farm has been contaminated, said “GM canola is already starting to germinate in my paddock and along the roadside and drains. What I want to know is who is going to pay to clean up this mess, and stop the GM canola spreading over my whole farm?” Read more »

GM canola contamination - Cunderdin

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 10 November 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney


1022. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Agriculture and Food: Read more »

Rogue GM canola plants likely to be ‘tip of the iceberg’

Rogue genetically modified (GM) canola plants found in the Esperance region by a Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) ‘ citizen science’ survey probably represent “the tip of the iceberg” warned WA Greens spokesperson on GMOs, Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC today.

Ms MacLaren says “this study found canola growing along the main roads throughout the Esperance region. The chances are that rogue GM canola plants are already growing along roadsides all over the wheatbelt, posing a very real contamination threat for non-GM farmers.” Read more »

GM canola spillage

Extract from uncorrected Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 11 August 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney


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