Stop Live Exports

WA Greens: It was only a matter of time before more distressing live export footage emerged

Media statement, Thursday, 23 October 2014.

In response to more horrific footage of live export slaughter on the streets of Gaza, Kuwait and Jordan aired on Lateline last night, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said ‘it was only a matter of time until more evidence emerged of horrendous mistreatment of Australian sheep and cattle in the Middle East’.
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Greens Bill to Give Animals A Voice

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren believes today’s bill introduced by the Australian Greens in the House of Representatives to establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare will address a longstanding weakness in protecting animal welfare in Australia.

“The Voice for Animals (Independent Office of Animal Welfare) Bill will establish an animal welfare champion to promote animal rights that is independent of government and the Department of Agriculture,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.
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Live Export Suspension Too Little, Too Late

Greens animal welfare spokesperson, Lynn MacLaren MLC said that the new suspension on live cattle exports to Egypt is too little, too late.

“A ban on the trade is the only reasonable response,” Ms MacLaren said today, after listening to government and industry reactions to the latest revelation of animal welfare abuses in Egypt.
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Human Chain to Stop Live Exports

Lynn joined the annual human chain to stop live exports which brought hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life to say Australia can do better on this disgraceful practice.

Held yesterday morning at 10:00 am across the Stirling Bridge, it was a dramatic visual display, with participants dressed in black from all walks of life declaring their support for an end to the live export trade.
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Lynn congratulates City of Freo for taking live export stance



Member's Statement - 27 May 2010: Read more »