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Barnett spooked by Court ruling he must follow Government policy

Lynn and Cottesloe Resident oppose Roe 8In response to today’s announcement on Roe 8 Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC asked, “The Chief Justice ruled they have to refer to their own policies, why keep going back to court? Why not just follow government policy?”

“They will waste even more taxpayer money to prop up an already failed project by appealing a Supreme Court ruling on the Roe 8 decision,” the Greens WA transport spokeswoman said.

“It’s not surprising that the Minister for the Environment announced a new EPA Assessment for the Roe Highway stage 8 extension since that seems to be the only transport plan, discredited as it is, that the Barnett Government have.” Read more »

Premier distracts from real dangers facing cyclists

In responding to today’s comments on new cycling laws for group riders from the Premier Colin Barnett, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said “The Premier should recognise that people on bicycles, particularly lone commuters, are the ones being hit by vehicles on WA roads and this is a more pressing issue.”

 “His comments are a deliberate distraction; it is not cyclists in groups who are at greatest risk from motor vehicles, but the solo cyclist.

 “There is already a law to stop cyclists riding more than two abreast. Read more »

Government Rebuked on Reckless Roe 8 Highway Move

Greens MLC for the South Metro Region, Lynn MacLaren today rebuked the state government for its disastrous decision to plough a highway through the precious Beeliar Wetlands.

“The Barnett Government is fiscally reckless in its decision to announce $591 million of WA money to build the unpopular Roe 8 highway extension. In an already tight budget year, this is a poor expenditure choice,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Ploughing a highway through the last large wetland system in the Perth metropolitan area is environmentally irresponsible. Read more »

Safe Passing Distances Bill - a Metre Matters

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren introduced the Road Traffic (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Amendment Bill on Thursday, 20 March, during Cycle Instead Bikeweek 2014.
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Greens introduce Safe Passing Distances Bill to protect cyclists

WA Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren will today introduce a private member’s Bill to establish a minimum one metre safe distance for cyclists on roads in an effort to decrease accidents which cause death and serious injury.

Cycling advocates, who will gather on the steps of Parliament this morning to launch the Bill, have welcomed the Greens’ Road Traffic Amendment (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Bill, which will require drivers of vehicles to leave a minimum distance when overtaking bicycle riders: one metre on roads up to 60 kilometres an hour, and 1.5 metres on other roads. 

Ms MacLaren said “This Bill is in response to the compelling case put by cycling advocates including the Amy Gillett Foundation, who have been campaigning for this safety measure among others to save lives.” Read more »

When it comes to saving lives, a metre matters

Media statement, Saturday, 15 March 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren will introduce the Road Traffic (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Amendment Bill on Thursday, 20 March, during Cycle Instead Bikeweek 2014, which started today.
“Greens MPs around Australia are pushing for laws to make cycling safer alongside the Amy Gillett Foundation's ‘A Metre Matters’ campaign”, said Ms MacLaren.
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464. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport:
(1) How much money was allocated in the budgets from 2009–2013 for the repair and construction of bike paths in the government’s bike plan?
(2) How much was spent during that period? Read more »


[COUNCIL — Thursday, 23 May 2013]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon James Chown Read more »

Greens Fight Marina Development: Point Peron is Too Precious To Lose

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren and Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, in response to today’s conditional approval for a marina at Point Peron, said “The Greens will work together at a State and Federal level to protect Point Peron because it is too precious to lose.”

“A canal estate in this location is a mistake that we will pay for now and long into the future,” the South Metro MLC said.
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Greens Plan Answers Call for Help on Sprawl

Today the Greens supported CEO’s calls for State Government support to deliver services and infrastructure along Perth’s fringes and said that working smarter within our current urban footprint will relieve pressure in outer suburbs.

As chief executives of outer suburban councils call for action on urban sprawl, Greens WA Planning Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said Perth had all the land needed for today and future growth.
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