Community Call to Phase Out Live Export

Today at Parliament, on the back Saturday’s protest and in the wake of a new low in the live export industry, Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens spokesperson on Animal Welfare, received a petition of 586 signatures calling for a timeframe to end live cattle exports.

“The petitioners are calling for an investigation into the live export trade in cattle, with a view to recommending a timeframe for discontinuing it,” she said.
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Live Sheep And Cattle Exports

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL —Thursday, 20 September 2012]
p6266a-6266a Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Peter Collier

Live Sheep And Cattle Exports

699. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Agriculture and Food: Read more »

Momentum Strong to End Live Exports

A flash protest at Fremantle port attracted 150 people calling for an end to live exports opposite the berthed Ocean Drover on Saturday morning.

With the recent debacles in Pakistan indicating a trade "falling apart at the seams", Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens spokesperson on Animal Welfare, Ms MacLaren called on the State Government to get farming families out of this failing trade.
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Fateful 45 Days of Unnecessary Suffering

 Another ship loads sheep in Fremantle Port as the scandal over August’s 21,000 sheep reaches new depths

Greens MLC and animal welfare spokesperson, Lynn MacLaren, said, “Today in Fremantle, what looks like an old converted car carrier, takes on board the latest potential victims of the live export trade, bound for the extreme heat of the northern hemisphere summer.
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Animal Welfare Act 2002 —Breaches

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL —Tuesday, 11 September 2012]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney
Animal Welfare Act 2002 —Breaches
5755. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Child Protection representing the Minister for Agriculture and Food Read more »

Kuwait sheep slaughter: control over supply chain a failure

More disturbing evidence of cruel slaughter of Australian sheep aired on television last night proves Australian Government attempts to tighten up practices aren’t successful, says Greens WA animal spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC, echoing the comments by federal colleagues.

“I am deeply disturbed by the suffering of animals transported far from our shores. The majority of the general public has believed for a long time that live exports must end. It’s high time that the Government heeded that call. Read more »

Get sheep off ships - end live exports

Greens WA spokesperson for animal welfare Lynn MacLaren MLC joined her federal colleagues in condemning the Federal government's handling of two shipments of sheep stranded for the past week in the Middle East and called for immediate action to ensure the 22,000 sheep aboard the Ocean Drover are unloaded without more suffering.

“The requirement that sheep be unloaded within 36 hours of reaching port has been flagrantly ignored. Clearly, the live export trade cannot be managed. It continues to inflict unacceptable cruelty to animals,” said Ms MacLaren. Read more »

Animal Welfare Act 2002 —Fish

Extract from Hansard [COUNCIL —Tuesday, 14 August 2012] p4871a-4871a Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Norman Moore
Animal Welfare Act 2002 —Fish
5756. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Fisheries
Given that a fish is not defined as an animal under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 —
(1) Will the Minister please identify what statutory protection exists to regulate the welfare of fish? Read more »

Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo numbers down

Lynn Maclaren MLC joined thousands of volunteers in the Great Cocky Count on Sunday 15 April. The Great Cocky Count is a process where volunteers go to registered night-time roosting sites and count all the cockatoos flying into those trees. Read more »

ALP Neglects Animal Welfare Again - Government missed the boat on live exports

The government response, released yesterday, to the Senate Inquiry into Animal Welfare Standards in Live Export will not appease public concerns about the live export trade, said MLC Lynn MacLaren, Greens spokesperson on animal welfare.
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