Shocking live export footage shows cracks in Ludwig’s new laws

Fresh footage of cattle slaughter at two Indonesian abattoirs, obtained by  ABC TV’s Lateline program, shows serious and systematic breaches of the government’s new Export Supply Chain Assurance System, said Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

“Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig must immediately confirm whether Australian cattle are going through the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs in Jakarta and, if so, commit to applying the strongest sanctions to minimise the suffering and distress revealed last night”, Senator Rhiannon said.

“The footage that the ABC is screening shows evidence of clear-cut, multiple and serious breaches of the government’s new supply chain assurance system. Read more »

Kaarakin - Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre

In our 11th hour bid to try to save the mature trees along Manning Road, I met Chris Phillips, general manager of Kaarakin, located in 40 hectares of bushland in the Darling Ranges near Gosnells. The Centre is not only about the rehabilitation of the Forest Red-tailed Black and Carnabys cockatoos, both native to Western Australia and critically endangered, although these magnificent birds are its focus and reason for being. It is also about preserving biodiversity, the rehabilitation of the forest, and building an education and scientific base of which future generations will be proud. Read more »

Live export protest at Fremantle Port

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC was among the flash mob at Fremantle Port organised by Stop Live Exports. The protest was timed to coincide with the arrival of the Bader III live export ship in Fremantle port. Thirty stalwart supporters of Stop Live Exports turned out with banners and loud voices to stage a protest, with one taking to the water in his boat.

“We had the rapt attention of passengers on the Endeavour, the Rottnest ferry and a VIP ship setting out to view the finals of ISAF sailing championships. They smiled at our protest version of the carole Deck the Halls - Deck the Ships without Live Exports.” Read more »

New legislation protects cats

The Cat Bill has now gone through both houses of Parliament, has received the Royal Assent and is now law. The main provisions in the Act regarding sterilisation, microchipping and registration will become effective in November 2013.

As the Greens WA spokesperson for Animals I supported the Bill primarily on animal welfare grounds - in order to reduce the large number of strays and abandoned cats that are euthanased each year); on social grounds - to safeguard the vital role that companion cats have in our society; and on environmental grounds – to protect native birds and animals from predation from cats. Read more »

Media release: Minister’s head in sand on live exports

The WA Agriculture Minister Terry Redman has a head-in-the-sand approach when it comes to live exports. His office should be fostering alternatives for farmers, rather than courting business from Indonesian livestock importers says Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens spokesperson for animal welfare.

“Back in August when the trade was halted I argued in Parliament that the market is not secure - the Indonesian government has a plan to be self-sufficient in beef by 2014.” Read more »

Westpork cruelty case delayed again

After a delay of several months, the Westpork cruelty case has again been delayed until 2nd February due to missing documentation. Westpork and its general manager Mr Neil Ferguson are also due to stand trial at a later date on an additional four charges of animal cruelty. Greens WA spokesperson on Animals, Lynn MacLaren MLC is calling for Mr Ferguson to step down from the industry boards he sits on while the Magistrates Court hears the charges.

“This is the second time cruelty charges have been laid regarding Mr Ferguson’s Gingin piggery within two years and he should immediately stand down from the industry boards while the case is ongoing,” said Lynn MacLaren. Read more »

Overview of Petitions - live exports and GM crops

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 23 November 2011]

Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs —
Twenty-second Report — “Overview of Petitions”— Motion

Resumed from 9 November on the following motion moved by Hon Brian Ellis —
That the statement be noted. Read more »

Meat and Livestock Australia damaged: Ludwig should step in

"Australians should commend the Australian Beef Association for moving to abolish Meat and Livestock Australia after evidence revealed their performance in export destinations is costly yet has failed to protect exported livestock from cruelty," said Lynn MacLaren MLC.

"I'm sure it's not the last time that we will see the beef industry move to clean up their act in the wake of evidence of suffering that most Australians abhor." Read more »

Industry Feathers its Own Nest with Misleading Free Range Logo

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren applauded Humane Society International’s exposé of the misleading Egg Corp Assured Trademark.

Consumers care about the welfare of chickens, that’s why the free range label is earning a premium price. When industry falsely labels ‘free range eggs’, consumer confidence erodes and the market will suffer. Read more »

Cat Bill 2011

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 19 October 2011]
Hon Ed Dermer; Hon Robyn McSweeney; Hon Jon Ford; Hon Lynn MacLaren


Committee Read more »