Live cattle trade - visits to Indonesia by Minister for Agriculture and Food

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Tuesday, 28 June 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Robyn McSweeney


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Live cattle trade - visits to Indonesia by Minister for Agriculture and Food

Question Without Notice No. 448 asked in the Legislative Council on 22 June 2011 by Hon Lynn Maclaren

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National Week of Action to Ban Live Exports

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC and Lisa Baker, Member for Maylands

 We applaud the actions of Animals Australia and the RSPCA and the resultant outcry by thousands of Australians who demanded an end to cruelty in Indonesian slaughterhouses.
This week we are participating in a National Week of Action to end live exports.
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Greens introduce bill to end live exports

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for animal welfare has introduced legislation in the Senate to permanently ban live export of animals for slaughter.

"The Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill 2011 seeks to put an immediate end to the horrific treatment of Australian cattle in overseas abattoirs," Senator Siewert said today.
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Greens continue push for live exports ban

The Australian Greens say the Government's new approach to live exports does not go far enough, with an immediate suspension and total live export ban remaining the only viable option.

Speaking in Perth today, Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for animal welfare said the proposed move to issue live export permits to only a small number of Indonesia abattoirs is simply unsatisfactory.

"The sort of abuse witnessed on Four Corners is widespread in Indonesia and it is clear that the Government cannot guarantee the welfare of animals," Senator Siewert said today.
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Australians should unite against live exports till the cows come home

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has called for all Members of Parliament and the Australian community to unite in calls for an immediate suspension of live exports to Indonesia as ships continue to take cattle from our shores.

"All MPs and members of the community should be standing together against live exports," Senator Siewert, Australian Greens animal welfare spokesperson said in Canberra today.

"We must continue these calls until the cows come home." Read more »

Animals: The Greens (WA) Policy

The Greens (WA) acknowledge that animals are sentient beings with intrinsic worth separate to the needs of humans. The welfare of animals must be respected with regard to both the survival of species and the protection of individual animals. Read more »

Greens announce legislation to end live exports

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said the Australian Greens will introduce a private members bill in Federal Parliament to end the live export of livestock for slaughter.

“The long campaign to end this suffering is at last reaching the floor of the House of Representatives in Parliament,” Ms MacLaren said.

My colleague, Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for animal welfare today announced a two pronged approach to ending live exports, calling for the immediate suspension of export licences, followed by a legislated ban on live exports. Read more »

Greens call for an end to live exports

Hon. Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens WA Spokesperson for Animals,  joined the call from the Australian Greens today for the Federal Government to stop live cattle exports to Indonesia immediately, in light of graphic evidence of exported Australian cattle being inhumanly treated at Indonesian abattoirs. The shocking cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to Indonesia was documented on ABC’s Four Corners program last night. Read more »

Big Dollars lauded for agricultural and companion animal welfare

Today the Greens applauded the Barnett-Grylls’ Government budget allocation of $1.6 million for animal welfare and the much needed increase in the number of inspectors.

However, Greens WA spokesperson Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC said “I am less impressed with the transfer of responsibility to the Agriculture and Food Department simply because of the obvious conflict of interest which will need to be actively managed.”

“I wouldn’t want to see this unprecedented investment in animal welfare squandered due to a conflict of interest between administering the animal welfare act and the main purpose of Agriculture department which is increasing productivity and promoting agriculture.” Read more »