Shark protestors take to steps of Parliament

Media statement, Tuesday, 18 February 2014.

Outrage towards the continuing drum-line program will be expressed on the steps of Parliament today as MPs returns for the first sitting since the controversial shark strategy was implemented. WA Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says that the WA Government’s shark mitigation strategy has failed.

“What are the drum lines doing to protect people from great white sharks, which have been implicated in all recent WA shark deaths, given the overwhelming catch to date is undersized tiger sharks?
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Shark cull a costly exercise in futility

As the State Government continues to spend thousands of dollars daily on a shark cull, accumulating statistics confirm that the unpopular policy is not making any water users safer.

“The overwhelming majority of sharks killed since drum lines were introduced in late January have been tiger sharks, which, according to the Government’s own shark website ‘may have only been responsible for one shark bite in WA since 1980’,”  Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.

“Meanwhile, the South-West drum lining contractor has also revealed that he has been capturing mako sharks, which are a protected migratory species under Federal legislation and also are not considered a threat species.

“Ironically, it appears that few or no to-size great white sharks have been caught, yet this is the only shark species implicated in recent fatal attacks off WA. Read more »

Greens slam irrational growth in volatile live export trade

Media statement, Tuesday, 11 February 2014.

Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Ms Lynn MacLaren MLC has labelled the Federal negotiations to re-open the live export trade in Bahrain and Iran as ‘a huge step backwards for a volatile trade rife with inhumane treatment and unpredictability’.

“Reopening a live export trade with Bahrain and Iran will outrage thousands of Australians who oppose this trade as their valid concerns about animal welfare remain ignored”.

“On all accounts the system repeatedly fails: the recent case of 4000 sheep that died on a trip to Gaza; in Jordan and Kuwait sheep were slaughtered unethically on the streets.
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Greens label dropping of metro drum lines ‘a disgrace to Western Australia'

Media statement, 31 January, 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the dropping of drum lines off popular WA beaches this morning ‘goes completely against what the community wants and will be met with continuing resistance’.
Set to speak at the 5000 strong anti-shark cull rally tomorrow, Ms MacLaren says that ‘The Premier seems to have made this decision all by himself whilst disregarding overwhelming science and constituent concern.
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#noWAsharkcull team will continue to challenge indiscriminate shark cull

Today Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren took part in a joint media conference that once again called on the Barnett Government to halt its shark cull policy; drum lines dropped in Dunsborough on Australia Day resulted in the first shark cull since the knee-jerk policy was implemented.

The team released footage of the sharks ‘humane’ death, this included material that indicates the delegated fisher may not have sufficient knowledge to carry out the tender. The shark, shot four times in the head, was reported to have been a 3m female Tiger Shark, it is alleged the fisher mistook the Tiger Shark for a Bull Shark. Read more »

MEDIA ALERT: Response to first WA shark cull Media Conference

Media statement, Tuesday, 28 January 2014.

What: Media conference by the #noWAsharkcull team in response to the dropping of drum lines and subsequent death of a 3m female Tiger Shark on Australia Day.

Who: Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC – Greens WA spokesperson for Biodiversity
Ross Weir - Founder of West Australians for Shark Conservation (WASC)
Jeff Hansen - Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia
Patrick Pearlman – Environmental Defenders Office WA’s Principal solicitor
Amy Wilkins - Spokesperson for conservation group Animal Rescue Team
Natalie Banks – Organiser of #noWAsharkcull protest and diving instructor
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Environment Minister fails evidence test on sharks

State and Federal Greens MPs have blasted the Abbott Government for exempting a proposed cull of sharks in WA waters saying it makes a mockery of environmental laws. “The Minister has basically approved the indiscriminate killing of great white sharks.

If this is the Abbott Government’s benchmark for protection of nationally protected species woe betide Australia,” Greens National Marine Spokesperson, WA Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The Greens will challenge this decision when Parliament resumes.”

WA Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said the reasons for the exemption did not stand up and were self-contradicting.

“This is not the standard of argument that is worthy of an Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act exemption,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Shark cull policy turns shambolic

Greens South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren says the WA Government’s announcement today that it will divert WA Fisheries Department resources to operate drum lines off Perth after no commercial operator could be found to do the job is further evidence the shark policy is a shambles.

 “After blaming everyone but themselves for not being able to find a commercial operator willing to operate drum lines off Perth, the Barnett Government has announced that it will divert Fisheries Department’s resources to do this dirty task,” Ms MacLaren said.

 “I guarantee that virtually no one at Fisheries will be happy about this; I would not be surprised if there are resignations.

 “The WA Fisheries Department’s mission is to conserve and manage the aquatic resources of WA to ensure there are ‘fish for the future’ – the shark cull completely contradicts this.

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Greens call for immediate end to live exports amidst more deaths

Media statement, Thursday, 16 January 2014.

Australia’s Live Export Trade has repeatedly proven to be completely ineffective in delivering all sheep and cattle to a humane death once they leave our shores, Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“Today’s revelation that 4000 sheep died in August on the Middle-East bound Bader 3 demonstrates that not only is the system not working, but live export stakeholders are scrambling to keep the system’s failings under wraps.
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Killing Sharks - The Case Against

The following opinion piece by Lynn MacLaren was published in The West Australian newspaper's 'Agenda' section on Saturday 4 January 2014.  

The Greens and Western Australia’s commercial shark fishing industry might not seem like natural allies but on one issue they currently agree:  the Premier should immediately dump his plan to install drum lines off WA’s coast.

Quite apart from obvious legal and ethical questions about the shark cull plan (the great white shark is a protected, vulnerable species according to the Federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act) there are real reasons to doubt the proposal will save lives. Read more »