Barnett botches shark tender

Media statement, Monday 6 January 2014
Greens South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Barnett Government’s shark drum lining and killing tender was not advertised properly and could open the Government to legal action.
“This comes as further proof of the Government’s ill-thought-out approach to shark hazard mitigation,” Ms MacLaren said.
“Not only did the Premier ignore numerous key stakeholder groups affected by this appalling policy before he announced it  – ranging from ignoring the organisers of the Rottnest swim to WA’s shark fishing industry and shark scientists, it also appears that he has botched the tender process.

Shark fishers back the Greens in condemning drum lines

Media statement, Tuesday 24 December, 2013.

The Greens say details in today’s shark capture tender released by the Premier’s office reveal even further cracks in the poorly crafted strategy to make WA beaches safe this summer.

“WA commercial shark fishers have told me that  they were not consulted on this plan,” WA Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said.

“They are appalled because it will indiscriminately kill so many small sharks, including those species on whom their livelihood depends. Read more »

South African experience shows folly of WA Government’s proposed shark cull

Media statement, Monday 23 December 2013

Greens South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren says official figures from Natal, South Africa, show that drum lines will kill many more harmless marine species than dangerous species.

 "The WA Government has justified its unpopular new shark cull policy by citing experiences elsewhere yet an examination of the few places in the world where drum lines have been introduced shows that drum lines kill far more harmless species  than they do tiger and great white sharks,” Ms MacLaren said.

 “With the release today of an open letter from 100-plus shark scientists around the world opposing the WA Government’s new shark killing policy, I challenge the Premier and Fisheries Minister to put forward a single Australian scientist who backs their policy.

 “An examination of the annual reports of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board in Natal, South Africa, shows that for the past two years, the number of tiger and great white sharks caught in drum lines and nets off Natal has been outnumbered by five times by the capture of smaller sharks, catfish, humpback whales and leatherback and green turtles.

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Greens MP joins Fremantle bridge protest to ‘Stop Live Export Human Chain’

Media Release, Monday 9 December, 2013

In the continuing campaign to stop the cruelty of live animal exports, protesters gathered yesterday at the annual “human chain” against live exports at a bridge near Fremantle Port where millions of sheep, cattle and other livestock are shipped from Australia to overseas ports.

The Greens spokesperson for Animals, a decade long campaigner against live exports, will showed her support at the Stop Live Export Human Chain across Stirling Bridge, emphasising that the fight must continue.

“We must maintain momentum in putting an end to this trade; evidence is increasing, from many different destinations, that the cruelty continues. Read more »

Greens spokesperson for Biodiversity opposes suggested shark culling

Media statement, Tuesday, 26 November 2013.

The Greens spokesperson for Biodiversity has today spoken out against responses to an increase in shark attacks in the State, labelling culling suggestions by the Fisheries Minister as a ‘rushed and ineffective reaction to a tragic situation’.

“To consider culling shark species, many of which are protected and endangered, is nonsensical and barbaric. Eastern states have attempted culling tactics and shark attacks have failed to decrease”, said Ms MacLaren.

“The Barnett Government’s current method of killing a shark after an attack has also been ineffective, it is clearly designed to appease the public after the event, there have been no signs that attacks have reduced”.
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WA’s biggest national park is under threat from uranium mining at Kintyre.

Karlamilyi national park encompasses spinifex plains, red desert sands, salt lakes, ancient gorges that protect pristine rock pools and swimming holes.

Our national ...parks deserve good neighbours, not uranium mines. This unique place is under direct threat from plans by the Canadian company Cameco to build an open cut uranium mine just 500 metres from Yantikuji Creek. This area was excised from the Karlamilyi (Ruddall River) National Park to facilitate mining in 1994. This mine proposal means the clock is now ticking for some rare and special species including the Greater Bilby, Desert Skink and the Marsupial Mole.

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Post-sentencing supervision orders - GPS Tracking: Questions

Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Attorney General: Read more »

Captive breeding programs: Questions

Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Environment: Read more »

Dog Amendment Bill 2013 - Committee 2

Resumed from 22 October. The Chair of Committees (Hon Adele Farina) in the chair; Hon Helen Morton (Minister for Mental Health) in charge of the bill.

Clause 36: Sections 33GA to 33GE inserted —
Progress was reported after the amendment moved by Hon Simon O’Brien had been partly considered.
The CHAIR: Minister, can I clarify whether your advisers are here? Read more »

Minister reveals WA sheep are slaughtered without pre-stunning

The Minister for Agriculture revealed under questioning last week by Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren that in WA about 60 sheep every year are slaughtered while conscious.

The Minister was responding to questions about the disturbing video images on Lateline showing sheep being killed while still conscious in Jordan. Sheep in both Jordan and Kuwait were reportedly being smuggled away from approved abattoirs to be slaughtered for an upcoming Muslim festival. The new footage showed animals being shoved into car boots, dragged around inhumanely, and being consciously slaughtered and left to bleed in the street.
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