Minister Disregards GM-Free farmers and Organic Growers to benefit the likes of Monsanto and Syngenta


Greens Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC says a repeal of the GM Free Crops Areas Act is being rushed through Parliament before proper protections are put in place for non-GMO and organic farmers.


“Before any further relaxation of the rules on growing GM in Western Australia, the Greens have called on the Barnett Government to introduce a Farmer Protection Act, with a small levy on all GM seed sales to be paid into a fund out of which to compensate any landholders who suffer economic loss from GM contamination. The GM industry would thus pay for any harm done by GM organisms,” Ms MacLaren said.

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Court ruling impact disastrous for non-GM farmers and their markets, say Greens

The Court of Appeals’ decision in the Steve Marsh case is a blow to everyone who stands against GM crops and the impact will be disastrous, according to Greens WA Spokesperson for Food and GMOs Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“This most recent decision proves that our State laws don’t protect non-GM farmers or their markets,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The vast majority of farmers are non-GM or organic so the impact on their industry will be incalculable. We need urgent law reform to provide the necessary wide-scale protection.

“This ruling comes at a time when the State Minister has said he intends to repeal the Genetically Modified Crop Free Areas Act by the end of the year. Read more »

Greens budget reply

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473. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Minister for Agriculture and Food:
(1) What procedures are in place to isolate and contain genetically modified canola seed at the Three Springs grain receival centre and for its transport to Geraldton?
(2) What procedures are followed for the disposal of “seconds” or rejected GM canola product?
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Food - Greens (WA) Policy 2012

The Greens (WA) believe that:

Greens Say Reporting Misleads on Organic Benefits

The significant benefits of organic products have been overlooked in recent reports on a Stanford University study questioning the benefits of organically produced food, say the Greens.

“Our health is too important to rely on only one statistical study,” said Lynn MacLaren MLC and Greens spokesperson on food.

“As public interest in a healthier lifestyle and buying organic produce increases, it is worthwhile asking what we get for our money. Health-conscience people choose organic not only because of supposed nutritional benefits, but also to avoid pesticides and carcinogens.”
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Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta 2012

Sep 22 2012 10:00
Sep 23 2012 04:00

The Sustainability Fiesta aims to encourage people to live a sustainable lifestyle by providing them with information on water collection, energy saving tips, alternative transport options, waste management, how to create a healthy home, gardening for sustainability, simple living and general healthy habits
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Sustainable Food Hypothetical

Dec 9 2011 17:30

Help raise funds for Perth City Farm's inaugural Food Film Festival in 2012, as we sink our teeth into some of today’s juiciest food issues!

Darling, What’s for Dinner?
Sustainable, Seasonal, Secure and Shared
9 December
Hosted by Bonnie Davies.

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Parliament has a duty to protect children from junk food ads:

The Australian Greens will introduce new legislation today to protect children from junk food advertising, after the Gillard Government and the Opposition wasted an opportunity earlier this year when they blocked Greens legislation despite public support and recommendations from health experts.

"We have a burgeoning health crisis of childhood obesity and need to curb the relentless advertising of unhealthy foods to children," Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said at a press conference in Melbourne today with health spokesperson Senator Richard Di Natale and leading child obesity experts. Read more »

GROW campaign launch

Lynn supported the launch of Oxfam’s GROW campaign with a vegetarian feast at the Annalaksmi Restaurant. It was a stark contrast between this and the stories told of how difficult it is for many in other countries who suffer from hunger and undernourishment day after day.

Oxfam’s Grow Campaign has a simple message: we need to wake up – another food future is possible and we can build it together. Over the coming years, decisive action across the globe could enable hundreds of millions more people to feed their families and prevent catastrophic climate change from destroying our future. But only if we collectively stop our sleepwalk towards ecological disaster.

Find out more about the campaign

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