Fair trade products - City of South Perth

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Great Food Gardening Hamilton Hill - Sustainable September

Sep 8 2010 18:30
Sep 8 2010 21:30

Fair Trade tasting session at City of South Perth

As well as being the MLC for the South Metro region, Lynn is also the WA Greens spokesperson for Food and GMOs.

So Lynn was wearing both hats when she attended a Fair Trade tasting session held at the City of South Perth council offices.

Lynn also met up with City of South Perth CEO Cliff Frewing, Deputy Mayor Sue Doherty and Mayor James Best.

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Greens announce junk food and alcohol advertising levy

The Australian Greens have called for a levy on junk food and alcohol advertising similar to the levy which has applied in France since 2004.

Launching the policy with Victorian Greens Senate candidate, Dr Richard di Natale in Melbourne today, Greens leader Bob Brown said the advertisers could choose the option of including health information in their advertising or pay the levy.

"This type of levy has been working in France since 2004. Australia should not allow junk food and alcohol companies to make billions at the expense of the health and well being of Australians," Senator Brown said.

"The alcohol industry spends $109 million on advertising per year while fast food companies are among the top 50 advertisers in Australia, spending around $165 million on advertising per year."

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Food Labelling Submission

13 May 2010 - The Australian and New Zealand governments are undertaking a comprehensive review of food labelling and policy.

Please find attached below the submission that Lynn MacLaren MLC has made to the review.

Please note that the submission addresses only the questions put by the review that the Greens Party already has an established position on. There are other questions put by the review that have not been covered here.

The full scope of the review can be found at

The underlying principles of the submission are:

  • That food labelling policy should be driven primarily by considerations of public health and safety; and that
  • Consumers have a right to know exactly what they are eating and how their food is being produced.