Barnett spooked by Court ruling he must follow Government policy

Lynn and Cottesloe Resident oppose Roe 8In response to today’s announcement on Roe 8 Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC asked, “The Chief Justice ruled they have to refer to their own policies, why keep going back to court? Why not just follow government policy?”

“They will waste even more taxpayer money to prop up an already failed project by appealing a Supreme Court ruling on the Roe 8 decision,” the Greens WA transport spokeswoman said.

“It’s not surprising that the Minister for the Environment announced a new EPA Assessment for the Roe Highway stage 8 extension since that seems to be the only transport plan, discredited as it is, that the Barnett Government have.” Read more »

Greens: Bill that validates 25 EPA projects approved with conflicted board should never have passed

Media statement, Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has labelled yesterday’s passing of the Environmental Protection Amendment (Validation) Bill 2014 that retrospectively validate twenty-five projects environmentally approved by a conflicted board of the EPA as ‘an unfair rushed bill that should not have come near to passing’.

“The Greens opposed the Environmental Protection Amendment (Validation) Bill 2014 which passed yesterday.

“It was a sad day not only for environmental protection but also for good governance when the Government retrospectively approved the EPA’s meetings including members with declared conflicts of interest. It seems the Barnett Government can make the rules up as they go along. Read more »

Presentation - Contemporary issues in coastal management and planning

I recently delivered a presentation as part of Coast to Coast Conference. The session identified the key coastal management and planning issues for WA.

The key questions were: Read more »

Community do not want more housing and less green space in WA: Greens

Media statement, Monday, 27 October 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has rejected a report due to be released next year by a UWA assistant professor that suggests building houses on green space is the best solution for addressing urban sprawl.
“This is ridiculous, if there were no negative impacts to come out of filling in most of our parks with housing to combat urban sprawl, we would have done it already. Luckily our community and our planners (to some degree) have a sense of hindsight and recognise that keeping open leafy space benefits the community in a plethora of ways.
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Greens oppose major waste incineration plants for global day of action

Media statement, Tuesday, 14 October 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has today as part of a global day of action on incinerators urged the State Government to implement better programmes for reducing, reusing and recycling waste rather than proceed with proposals to burn large quantities of household waste.

“Our efforts to reduce landfill shouldn’t lead to even greater environmental hazards like an increase in dioxins or furans. Read more »

Greens table petition against canal developments

Media statement, Tuesday 14 October 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has today tabled hundreds of signatures on a petition that challenges the development of two proposed canal estate developments at Point Peron and Ocean Reef.

The petition challenges the promotion of both developments as ‘marinas’, and calls for a ban on canal estate developments, as seen in New South Wales and Victoria. Read more »

Greens call for Barnett support for cyclist safety bill following ACT report

 Media statement, Thursday, 25 September 2014.

In response to today’s breaking news that the ACT will trial safe passing rules for cyclists, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has called on the Barnett Government to support her Road Traffic (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Amendment Bill.

She congratulated the ACT on the range of reforms set to protect vulnerable road users in that State. Read more »

Community still in the dark about Cedar Woods profit from public land grab: Greens

Media statement, Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has demanded that the State Government reveal how much Cedar Woods – a private property development company – will profit from the public land grab of Point Peron for the development of Mangles Bay Marina.
The land was transferred by the Commonwealth to the State of Western Australia on condition that the future use of the land would be restricted to recreation and parklands.  Read more »

State Government must wake up to sea level rise threats and support Greens Bill

Media statement, Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has called on the State Government to urgently support her Coastal Planning Bill after news from the Climate Council revealed sea level rise and coastal erosion could swallow up $8.7-$11.3 billion worth of WA roads and $12.7-$18.1 billion of WA commercial and light industrial buildings.

“We can no longer ignore the evidence: our sea level is going to jump by up to 1.1m by the end of this century and it will cost us billions”.
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Greens: Streamlining planning approvals will further threaten valuable green space in the State

Media statement, Thursday, 14 August 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has emphasised that plans to streamline planning approvals by the State Government may improve affordability but risk liveability without some basic protections for the things we love the most about our cities and neighbourhoods.

“How many times have developers bulldozed bushland and wetlands, erected a sea of roofs, then constructed a small park with a gazebo as some kind of dismal attempt to compensate for the loss of biodiversity and destruction of landscape? I welcome the innovation to improve affordability, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Local communities have had to fight to protect the places they love.  Read more »